Ring announcements on multiple Alexa Accounts

Hello. I have a Ring Peephole Cam and some Amazon Echo devices. I’m having an issue with Ring announcements on the Echos, primarily when the Echos are registered under different Alexa accounts. I got an Echo Show in our living room set up in the Alexa app and enabled the Ring skill. When someone rings the doorbell it would chime and bring up the camera, as expected. However, my son got an Echo Dot for his bedroom and set it up using his Alexa account. He added the Ring skill so he would get doorbell alerts on the Dot. After he did that, the Show stopped announcing doorbell alerts. If I disable/re-enable the Ring skill in my Alexa account, the Show starts working again, but then the Dot won’t announce. We deregistered the Dot and added it to my Alexa account. Now both devices announce doorbell rings, but we’d rather have the Dot under his own account. Are Ring announcements really limited to only one Alexa account? Is there any way to get multiple Echo devices that are each registered to different Alexa accounts to announce alerts from the same Ring device?

Hi @sharksfan7. When you enable the Ring skill on the Alexa app, your Echo will search for devices on the network. Once the devices are found, it integrates them. Enabling the Ring skill on a separate Echo device (account), breaks up the existing integration and establishes a new one. With that being said, you cannot have Ring integrated with multiple Alexa accounts. I hope this helps!

@Tom_Ring I appreciate the reply and the definitive answer to my question. It’s disappointing that I can’t get this to work the way I want, but if that’s the way the system works, so be it.

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Hi, you guys need to fix this. I have the exact same problem… I don’t understand why Ring assume everyone who lives inside a house use the same Amazon account. Make no sense because Amazon push you to have multiple accounts but ring (who is the same company) wants you to have one Amazon account.