Ring Android App Issue - managing YALE ASSURE Lock 2

Yale Assure lock 2 is installed and working with zwave. In the Android Ring app; Locks and Access Control; Lock Access; I have successfully added guest user 1. When returning to that menu later, there is no option presented to “Manage Users”…it is blank at the bottom. I can delete that user, and then return and add multiple guests (Manage Users is presented), but once you leave, you can never go back and add users a second time. This work fine on the web app. This needs to be fixed by development team for Android app. thx.

Hi @user55140. You should also be able to manage Shared Users by tapping the menu in the top left > Settings > Shared Access. Can you share a short screen recording of what you’re seeing on your end when you’re trying to manage your Shared Users? Additionally, which version of the Ring app and Android OS are you currently on?