Ring and Fire TV Alexa commands problems

Hi all.
I have a couple of issues with Fire Tv Cube and Ring. Firstly it f doors work as when I ask Alexa to ‘view the front door’, it opens it fine on the tv. But that’s it.

A) When I say Alexa, ‘play the last event from the FRONT DOOR’, it opens up prime video instead, and tries to play some rubbish instead of showing an event on Ring.
B) Also, when I ask Alexa ‘talk to the Front door’, Fite TV annoyingly opens the phone App and tried to telephone someone with ‘door’ in their surname on my tv instead of just turning on the Mic on Ring.
C) Also simplified intuitive commands on Ring like ‘turn on microphone’ also don’t work, (and it’s hard to think of saying another thing when ‘talk to the front door’ as above phones someone, and you are rushing to speak to someone before they leave the door and remote control is not near you at that moment.

It’s really not yet intuitive even after years of development, I don’t know if it’s Amazon or Rings fault, but you would think Alexa on Fire Tv would not try to open other Apps when a ring is open instead of just following my simple commands. Anyone else can test or have the same issues with my A,b,c as above.

Many Thanks.

It sounds like your Fire Tv is a compatible model which, as long as you are using the commands referenced in the article below, should work as intended.

Try checking for any updates on your devices and apps, as well as restarting your Fire TV.

Feel free to also check out our Feature Request Board to vote on requests and/ or make a new request for Ring and Alexa features. :slight_smile: