Ring and echo show 5 issue

Hello all,

I recently purchase a floodlight kit that came with the echo show 5. The echo came first and thought I would set up the door ring on it since it should work.

I follow some instructions online and watch a couple of videos. I’m able to see the live view once I ask Alexa to show the front door. But if there is motion it would announce someone at the front door only and not switch to the live feed. I read a post on here to create a routine. Well, that worked fine when it notice motion in the front door. Now the issue I’m having is that once the motion is gone the live feed keeps recording. it does not turn off until I tell Alexa.

Is there a way to turn off the feed once after 2 minutes or if no motion is detected?

I tried many things before creating a routine the first time. I almost gave up on it until I found the routine way.

Any kind of help would be awesome!

Thank you,

*** Update ** after searching some more, I found something that might help me stop the live recording. We will see if that works. Here is the link I found on the forum.