Ring Alexa Skill - Motion Snooze - Integrations Feature Request

No, they wore masks and went on to Rob three other properties eventually getting disturbed by a neighbour who was alerted by his Arlo system.

Currently motion schedule is set via the ring app but alexa devices still alert. Currently the only solution is to set all of the alexa devices to do not disturb but this is not ideal and not acceptable. Please add support for this.

I began searching through the community threads to attempt to find a solution and this issue was first put out over a year ago with multiple complaints from users. Thank you for your consideration.

I have the same problem - In Ring app I have set a schedule to avoid alerts but Alexa still notifies of movement on all devices.

June 1, 2022 - from Ring: "We’re Continuing to Innovate for Our Neighbors. With our continued investment in innovation and commitment to bringing you new capabilities, we are raising the price

And yet, an Alexa Motion Snooze is not listed on the roadmap and still has not been addressed.

Do you believe Ring DEVs have nothing else to work?

With only 24 votes it hardly seems important to most of the users that visit these forums. Until the votes get into the hundreds is typically when Ring SOMETIMES takes notice.

I would also like to see a feature that if i turn om do not distrub through my alexa, it would also turn do not distrun on for my chimes. Theyre all wifi devices so i dont understand why this cant be sone yet

Ridiculous that this hasn’t been addressed yet!
I can’t even go sit on the front porch without every Alexa in the house announcing it to every room.
We’re about to have a grandchild and will have to get rid of our Echo’s so the poor baby can sleep even when our grass gets mowed.
Massive design flaw.

I think it would be super helpful if we could say something like “Alexa, snooze Ring alerts for 1 hour” and/or change modes via alexa commands

Snooze motion alerts via Alexa

There is a thread where a lot of people are asking for the ability to snooze motion alerts via Alexa:

If possible, please do two things:

  1. make the Alexa Ring Skill honor the mobile app motion snooze setting

  2. add an Alexa Ring Skill to snooze motion detection, like the mobile app

that way motion snooze is a bi-directional option from either Alexa or the Ring Mobile App

(motion detection announcements are a great feature you added, however without this flexibility people will tend to disable it because at times it becomes very annoying- cutting grass, working in the yard).



Yes, I am going crazy with Alexas talking, even though I snooze the Ring. But I would like some of my Alexas (Echo, Show, EcobeThermostat) to work with Ring.


Same problem. Snooze should silence ring motion alerts on echo devices. I havent bought any more ring cameras because of this issue. The problem has bounced around the mesage boards for over a year.


Alexa devices should honor the snooze command issued to the cameras. Come on now… I see a thread that was started more than year ago about this. really?

Since Amazon owns Ring, it makes total sense for the Alexa app to have a snooze feature like Ring does. There are times when I am working outside and do not need to have my echo Shows announce my movements. I have been disabling the Ring skill to mute the announcements but its not ideal because then I have to log in to enable the skill.

Adding a snooze feature is the best way. Please add this.

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It is driving me up the wall to the point where I am seriously considering ditching all my Ring / Alexa

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Seriously? Nothing!?

Any updates? When my gardener comes Ring makes Alexa go crazy, even though Ring is supposed to be snoozed.

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It’s a little disturbing that no one from Ring has replied or even commented on this thread. I’m not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling. Customer service from Ring has always been superb but this lack of any response is a little puzzling. Would really like to have Alexa snooze alerts when Ring snoozes.

Hi @Tinman507. The Community operates as a neighbor-to-neighbor forum rather than a direct line to our support team. The Feature Request board helps us to organize and share these requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. If we ever have an update to share on any particular request or suggestion that is posted here, we will follow up in the appropriate threads once we have any information to share. I hope that helps clarify things. :slight_smile:

Fix this please, it’s so annoying


Alexa won’t snooze when I put the app in snooze. Its driving me crazy when I’m doing yard work or trying to enjoy a quiet cup of tea on the porch! Please Ring fix this! Clearly people are requesting this why isn’t anything being done?