Ring Alexa Skill - Motion Snooze - Integrations Feature Request

Please add a function to the Ring Alexa Skill to cause it to implement Motion Snooze.

The Ring App implements Motion Snooze but the Ring Alexa Skill continues to announce any sensed motion regardless of Motion Snooze being set. It is pointless temporarily suspending Motion announcements to the mobile telephone when Motion Snooze is set while the Alexa devices continue to make Motion announcements. Please rectify.




Hi @JRJSmith - we encourage you to search the Community before making duplicate posts. You can find more information, here. The team has definitely heard the feedback and request and we will continue to update the thread with information. Please feel free to add it to the integration Feature Request board as well. Thanks!

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I found this forum looking for solution to this same problem. I was heavily invested in Echo 6 devices in a 4 story house. I added a full Ring alarm system and Doorbell solely based on the integration ability with Echo…only to find that motion alerts are terrorizing my family. I kept telling them “just snooze the doorbell” with your phone app…only to discover that Alexa doesn’t care about Ring’s snooze settings. When I contacted Ring support, I was told I would need to configure each Echo device motion alert separately…which I’ve spent 4 hours pouring through internet posts and Ring/Alexa apps and still haven’t figured out how to configure each Echo device to either turn off or snooze Ring Doorbell 2 motion alerts.



Your link chastising the poster is not to a feature request post like this post. Additionally, the workarounds listed are not complete and suffer numerous drawbacks. So after searching your link and the feature request section - this OP seems more than proper.

I will add to the OP, hoping Ring proper will consider this feature on a fast track.

If possible, please do two things:

  1. make the Alexa Ring Skill honor the mobile app motion snooze setting

  2. add an Alexa Ring Skill to snooze motion detection, like the mobile app

that way motion snooze is a bi-directional option from either Alexa or the Ring Mobile App

(motion detection announcements are a great feature you added, however without this flexibility people will tend to disable it because at times it becomes very annoying- cutting grass, working in the yard).


Searching for the exact problem and landed in this thread. Has there been in progress on this issue? For now, I am unplugged my Alexa Echo.


Hi charlieLauj,

Regrettably, there appears to have been NO progress with this.

The only response that we ever seem to get is from the Community Manager (Jennifer_Ring) being completely UNHELPFUL.

This whole Integrations Feature Request board appears to be a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME - set up as a PRETENCE that Ring is interested in its customers - it is NOT.

I love their products in general (they could be improved by implementing solutions to their customer’s requests) but their staff appear completely lacking in Customer Service.

Best regards



Setting up schedules to resolve this is not a resolve. At this time my yard guy is cutting my grass. I am working from home and my alexa will not stop alarming that there is movement. There is no way to setup a schedule for this situatuon.


Ended up here searching this same issue. PLEASE fix this. Your product is significantly less useful to me without the ability to pair with Alexa effectively (which means the ability to snooze when I need/want to)


yes I totally agree! I’m so annoyed right now. Having bbq on the deck and I keep hearing it go off ?


Landed here after searching out the same problem as the OP.

Interesting on my end is that I have 4-Dots, 1-Echo and 1 View.

When I snooze motion, motion is snoozed as it should be on my View and only 2 of my dots.

2 other Dots and the Echo continue to give the motion alert.
Go figure…

The only solution for me is to unplug the anouncing devices when I need full motion snooze.

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Smart devices aren’t very smart yet. It’s very annoying to not have ALexa and ring work better with one another.

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Ring - are you out there? ANY PLANS to address this? Does anyone get this issue?? People keep posting to this thread becuase this feature is needed.


Thank goodness I found this post. I have an Echo on the way and was thinking it would be nice to be able to tell Alexa to Snooze my cameras and doorbell when doing activities like mowing the grass. Mowing the grass while wearing Air Pods while forgetting to snooze the alerts is deafening.

To know that hooking Ring to Alexa will just create another annoyance with the speaker going off in the house bothering anyone inside is unthinkable.

I suppose until there is a more graceful way to handle this I will not be hooking up Alexa to my Ring system.

Come on Ring people lets get this issue to work.


Please fix this Ring …

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Thank you for the continued feedback, neighbors! We have certainly shared this with our team.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

It was added as a commnet to a like feature request. Thanks!


@Marley_Ring wrote:

Thank you for the continued feedback, neighbors! We have certainly shared this with our team.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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I did not do anything to integrate my Echos, Alexas and EcoThermostat . They just starting all announcing motion alerts when I activated Ring doorbell and cameras.

It was crazy. I went around and told them to stop. Some ‘listens’ and no loonger announce motion alerts, two still do.

I really want to be able to snooze the Echos, Alexas and EcoThermostate, like I do the Ring app. I do not have a regular schedule.

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Ring please address this issue. The community has been requesting a resolution to this issue for over a year. It is unacceptable to ignore our requests.

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As your reply was a full year ago, is there any sign of this feature request being addressed? I’ve only had the ring for a couple of weeks, but the lack of coordination with Alexa is a big oversight by the developers. The suggestions about setting up routines are a bit much, as I can quickly snooze the cameras on the side and back of my house while doing yard work. My wife just told me that the echo keeps going off because of my movements, and that was how I learned that the snooze did not pass through to Alexa.

It is UNACCEPTABLE that you have done absoultely NOTHING to address this issue in OVER A YEAR! What purpose would it serve to use your Feature Request Board? You have been repeatedly asked to fix it and you just ignore the requests. I have no interest in hollow “feel good” steps. It’s way beyond time to get this done. Stop delaying and stringing us along.

This is my review of the Ring “Skill” and Ring in general because of this situation:

Echo devices throughout the house announce motion detection even when you, the stupid user, tell a ring device to snooze motion alerts! How dumb is that? It gets worse folks. They have allowed this to fester for well over a year now with zero word on when or if it will be fixed! I’ve had to disable the “skill” it’s so bad. You are interfering with the security systems of millions of people, besides being guilty of false advertising. I’ll be returning all of my Echo and Ring devices. You are rank amateurs and very clearly do not respect your customers.