Ring Alarm to cover multiple buildings at a single address

Ring - We need an actual technical solution to monitored alarm systems that cover multiple buildings at a single address. Your existing ring extenders do NOT suffice.

Two potential product options or feature requests:
1 - Two z-wave extenders that are wired in between (rather than using the z-wave protocol directly) to allow reliable transmission.
2 - Allow base stations to be “paired” into a single system over TCP/IP.

I was just on the phone with your support and you said that you cannot have two monitored alarm systems at the same address for legal/compliance reasons. Heard/acknowledged, but that is NOT what we asking for. We are NOT asking you to violate the law and have multiple alarm systems at a single address. We are asking for ONE alarm system at ONE address that covers MULTIPLE building reliably. You can do that either by providing an actual reliable wired extender (#1) or allowing multiple base stations to be paired into a SINGLE alarm system (#2) that covers multiple buildings at a single location.

My preference would be #2 as it should be able to be implemented trivially via software changes only (no software changes required) since your base stations already have internet/TCP/IP connectivity.

Can you please acknowledge this feature request?

To accomplish this task, you’ll need to purchase a real alarm system such as a DMP or Honeywell. Ring is great for single home or small apartments etc. I use one on my outbuilding. However, since they don’t even have a human answer the phone these days, I opted for a real security system in my home that has real sirens, strobes, integrated smoke/CO, glass break detecting, etc.