Ring Alarm Subscription Changes

Hi neighbors! We wanted to share an announcement with the Community that as of March 29th, 2023, neighbors in the United States and Canada will need a Ring Protect Plan subscription to access Alarm monitoring features and home and away Modes for Ring Doorbells and Cameras. Neighbors with an Alarm before this date will be placed in legacy status and will keep these monitoring features without a subscription. The below changes will apply to all new Alarm users and new and existing Ring Doorbell and Camera users.

For Ring Alarm, a Basic subscription will be required to access the following features:

  • Event History of 60 days. Without a Basic subscription, Event History will be 24 hours.
  • Arm and disarm via the Mode Schedule feature.
  • Automate behavior via the Linked Devices feature for Doorbells, Cameras, or smart locks, based on the Alarm state. For example, setting your Doorbell to begin recording when the Alarm siren is triggered.
  • Email and push notifications from Alarm.
  • Arm and disarm via Ring app or Alexa. Without a Basic subscription, the Alarm can be disarmed from the Keypad.

For Camera and Doorbells (with no Alarm), a Basic subscription is required to access the following features:

  • Arm and disarm Cameras and Doorbells via Modes settings. Without a Basic subscription, there will be no Modes settings available for neighbors without an Alarm.

Neighbors who already have an Alarm before March 29th, 2023 will be placed in a legacy status and keep the monitoring features listed above, even if they do not have a Ring Protect Plan subscription. This includes having access to Modes for Doorbells and Cameras. Doorbell and Camera users without an Alarm will not be placed in a legacy status, and will need to subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan to access Modes settings.

Please note that these changes do not impact Ring Protect Plan pricing, and there are no changes for neighbors outside of the United States and Canada. Any questions regarding whether or not you have legacy status should be directed to our support team. Current Help Center content regarding Ring Protect Plans will reflect these changes on March 29th, 2023. We remain committed to delivering value and peace of mind for our neighbors, and appreciate any feedback.

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I’m sorry, but I have huge problems with this. It is unacceptable that notifications are put behind a pay wall. Sure, put remote control features there of you must. But the notifications? We’ve been loyal subscribers from the beginning. But this might be enough for us to unistall our Ring and switch to a competitor.


I agree. This is absolutely an unacceptable “bait and switch”. Rethink this, Ring-Amazon. Loyal customers are standing by, ready to jump ship. I will reinstall my Feit camera which has no subscription plan.


This is a bad idea. People are generally looking to reduce subscriptions and now you put more behind a pay wall? Why even bother buying into this ecosystem? I’m uninstalling and going with EUFY who has no subscriptions for more features.

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Ring is a cloud-based system and they need to charge something to pay for the servers and employees to maintain the systems. If you don’t want to pay anything, buy a product that runs locally.