Ring alarm sounds on Echo devices

It would be good if the alarm sounds could be replicated across Echo devices to allow them to be more easily heard throughout the house. The base station isn’t really that loud even at its highest setting and chirps are easily missed unless you’re close by.
When an alarm sounds if it came out of the Echo devices also it would not only be louder but also more disorientating for an intruder with alarm sounds coming from multiple locations.


As far as chirps are concerned, you can already setup Alexa routines that will make sounds / speak alerts throughout your house when sensors are tripped.

Unfortunately this only works with chirps and even then you have to set up a routine for each sensor, and for each echo device you want to alert on. So for say 3 doors and 4 echo devices that would be 12 routines to set up! Even worse, you can’t even select the same chirp tone as on the main system.

There is nothing that can alarm on echo devices when the alarm system is triggered.


Great idea

Why hasn’t this already been done! It’s a no-brainer, unless it interferes with a wider plan to sell external alarm add-ons…

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This would be a great feature! I noticed that Ring just allowed alarms to sound through some Ring cameras. The next logical step (I hope) is to enable it through the Echo devices.

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I’m surprised that this feature doesn’t already exist. Please add!

I’ve been asking ring about this for a few years now.
Whenever I talk to someone in support I always remind them that this feature should be added.
Every tech says “that’s a great idea”, but 3 years later and still nothing.

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This should absolutely happen. Please add this feature and also sound on a Chime as the alarm then can sound all over the house.

Came here to request the same - seems like a no brainer, we have an Alexa in every room and the base station alarm is not that loud