Ring Alarm Smart Home Triggers

I am sure that his has been brought up, however I will bring it up again as it is a simple feature to implement and I believe that it is crucial.

It would be GREAT to be able to have the ring alarm control a light or smart plug (z-wave) with an alarm trigger.

EG. if the alarm is tripped, it could be programmed to turn ON the lights in the house, or turn on cerain things plugged into outlets such as outdoor lights etc. and to have them turn back off once the system is disarmed.

Is there any way to do this currently? I do not see any options for it in the ring app, nor do I see any options using Alexa as a MITM. I CAN use alexa to trigger lights etc from motion sensors, however I cannot use the alarm status as a trigger.

I have heard some people having success with this on SimpleCommands, but I cannot get it to actually run the routine when the alarm is triggered.


I agree. I just replaced a 6 year old system with the Ring alarm. With my old system it would turn on 1 light when the system was armed. I could also set lights to come on at a certain time if the system was armed away.

Yes!! PLEASE make this a high priority in your new features list! Same as Johnbek, I had the old Lowes Iris system and could have my GE smart switches turn on if my alarm was triggered. I thought when i saw you guys had added integration with the GE smart switches that this functionality would be soon to come but you guys have supported the GE smart switches for quite some time now and this functionality still isn’t there. The reason for this request is that if someone breaks into my home i want as crystal clear video as I can get of them and therefore I want my lights on.

I would also like to be able to tell the Ring app that if your motion detectors detect motion to turn on certain GE smart switches as well. My reason for wanting to be able to do this is I want to have a GE smart switch in my garage along with your motion detectors and when they detect motion turn on my garage lights and after x number of minutes with no motion detected turn my GE switch off.

I LOVE the Ring app and product line and for me this is one of the only features that I REALLY want that is currently missing.

Following for an answer to this question.

I too would like the ability to trigger a routine based on the alarm being triggered so I can attach lights to it.