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I recently installed a new router and everything seems to work but today whilst trying to sort out a problem with Alexa to do with Routines, I found on my phone a list of all my Ring sensors and under every one it said something like ‘This device is not currently supported’ Believe it or not I cant find it again. My alarm system seems to be working. Chirps are working, the Doorbell camera works so does anyone know what that message under each sensor refers to please.

Hi @RealMarine. It sounds like you are referring to the Alexa app, as there are certain limitations to what you can use to make a Routine. You can learn more about Alexa Routines in this article from our Help Center. As long as everything is working and looks good in the Ring app, you have nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Alexa from Show8 will arm and disarm Ring Alarm but still will not respond to Routines. I’ll have a good read of the article you mention. Thanks again.

I have now read the article mentioned above and am now in a position to better explain what works and what doesn’t.
I was sent a new router by my service provider. Obviously it had a new name and password. I set it up and everything seems to work i.e. laptops, desktops, Ipad, phones Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Alarm System, Firestick etc. Chirps work so the door sensors must be connected to the Base Station.
Now the tricky bit. Alexa from my Echo Show 8 WILL turn on and off two smart switches on command. Alexa WILL arm and disarm Ring Alarm but Alexa WILL NOT carry out any routines that involve my Contact Sensors. When I try to set up a routine, I see that all my Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors are shown as ‘Not Supported.’ Please see attahment. Can anyone help please.

Hi @RealMarine. I’m happy to chime in. When setting up a routine for the Contact Sensors in the Alexa app, you must select the sensor in the “When this happens” part. I have tested this myself and can create routines with my Contact Sensors this way. If you select the Contact Sensors in the “Add action” part, then you will get the message you have shown in your pictures that says they are not supported. Sensors cannot be added that way to the routine. I hope this helps!

Thank you very much. I will try that,


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I’ve tried everything and cannot get Alexa to respond when certain doors are opened. If I press ‘Play Routine’ in the app Alexa will say e.g. “The porch door is open” but if I open the porch door, Alexa says nothing. I’ve also noticed that where all the sensors are shown as ‘not supported’ in the photo above my two Ring cameras are also unsupported whereas non Ring things are shown e.g. Plugs, switches, TV, Thermostats.
Very Strange.

@RealMarine Are the sensors in the routine that Alexa isn’t working with working properly in the Ring app? Do they report “open” and “closed”? If they are, then the next best step would be to contact Alexa support to further investigate. As for your Cameras showing as unsupported in the Alexa app, it is the same as the Sensors. They cannot be added to the routine through “Add action,” they have to be added through “When this happens.”

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