Ring Alarm Pro - Allow disabling eero for those who don't need it but want local storage

There are plenty of users who don’t want to use the Ring Alarm Pro as the default gateway.

Some of us have a good existing network infrastructure, for me also my ring alarm 1st gen is no where near my ISP modem.

Give the users the ability to disable eero capability without sacrificing features like local storage.

This is a big reason why I haven’t yet pulled the trigger on upgrading my Alarm to the Alarm Pro. I have a large Ubiquiti Unifi install in my home that I’m not going to replace or overlay with eero.


I too have absolutely no interest in Eero. I have a Velop AX system I’m quite happy with so hopefully the Pro without forcing Eero will be an option by 2025 when my current alarm is obsolete. Even if the option for local storage is removed… many of us have high-end WiFi systems we’re quite happy with.

The Pro with Eero is great for those due to upgrade they’re router and want it, but the Pro should have really been divided into 2 options, with/without Eero.


My guess is the ring cameras need to connect to the base station’s wifi in order to use local storage.

If the Ring alarm Pro acted like a normal wifi connected device then it shouldn’t make any difference , long as the alarm pro is on the same network as the camera then you’ve got access to local storage.

I have a Firewalla Gold router which is better than an eero pro router, then have 2xUbiquiti U6LRs for WiFi 6. Easily trumps eero’s capability


I have a Ubiquiti setup as well. I wonder why we couldn’t connect this to a Unifi switch and just connect the Ring devices through the alarm pro?

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I am in a similar boat - but was assuming I could disable the Eero wifi as I have Unifi. Considering that I already have a separate SSID for security devices - I could just create that SSID on the Base Pro/Eero and have my cameras/etc on the Eero network if needed. It may cause some channel conflicts which I would need to work through - but I would then at least have key devices (and I could add others) to the backup internet. But then again I can’t tell you the last time my internet access went down -

Please allow us to disable it, or set channel and channel width.

I have 5 Orbi providing strong and stable coverage in home already. Eero just brings interference with existing channel. I have no intention to spend another $400 to add 4 extenders while less stable coverage.

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Same here, very frustrating to not have control over basic things like this

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Same here. I already have a large Orbi 6E system that would be impossible to replace with eero technology. There is no technical reason to bundle the alarm function in a router. Ring should support a stand alone alarm controller with edge storage for video. Allow it to be multi homed for redundancy.

By the way, can anyone point me to a feature request in this forum that has actually been accepted, implemented, and been released into the Ring product stream? Seems like there are a lot of good ideas here and little or no inclination to incorporate them.

Multi-site Unifi implementation for me… I’ve never seen a good outcome to two Wifi systems each thinking its owns the namespace. I’m sure it can work, its just another hassle we didn’t need to fix for a silly marketing restriction to implement control over the end user.

Just want to echo the request. I assumed disabling eero, or at list turning the wireless radio off, would be an option. Nothing I read indicated that having eero running in my house was a soft-requirement to use the Ring Alarm Pro.
I have a pure Cisco network, eero is adding NOTHING to my setup except noise on the 2.4 and 5Ghz bands. At the VERY LEAST I should be able to disable 2.4Ghz.

I’m about to hook my non-pro unit back up just because of this.

I agree… The option to turn off the eero, or at least restrict it to either 2.4 or 5GHz, is essential for me. I need to keep my old Wifi available, at least on one band, at least at times. Running both old Wifi and Eero on the same bands is not an option due to interference weakening their range. I had to switch to the Ring Alarm Gen 2, sacrificing the other nice features of the Alarm Pro such as local video storage, cellular backup for camera access, and the option to add extra battery packs.

A possible workaround! Someone at Ring Support tells me that you can just abort the setup of the Ring Alarm Pro at the point it is about to pass you over to the Eero App by exiting the Ring App. Then restart the Ring App and finish initializing your alarm sensors, etc. This should give you a functioning Ring Alarm Pro without the Eero wifi. The person even said that cameras on the pre-existing (non-Ring/Eero) wifi should still be able to use local video storage on the Ring Alarm Pro. Also, if your internet goes down but your pre-existing router is still powered up, the cameras could still be viewed over Ring’s cellular backup. I have not yet verified that all this works.

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Can anyone confirm whether or not the workaround mentioned by @user20530 works? Eero wifi does nothing but blast interference in an already crowded frequency.

In the eero app, I was able to delete the WiFi network I setup and that seemed to take the Ring Alarm Pro’s wireless broadcast offline.

Yup , I loved the system but ended up returning it a week later it greatly interfered with my existing network setup

I was not able to delete WiFi from the device, but in eero app you can configure network settings to be a bridge, and that seems like works. In that case, everything is using my current WiFi setup, and I just have this annoying wifi that I am never going to use.

But this eero experience is very annoying and unnecessary.

@user20530 Thanks for the tip. Does ring edge work with this trick? reddit user reports that this breaks ring edge:

In the eero app, I was able to delete the WiFi network I setup and that seemed to take the Ring Alarm Pro’s wireless broadcast offline.

@G_T_S Does it stop the wifi radio signal?