Ring Alarm not compatible Region (Bosnia)

Hi there

I bought some months ago a whole Ring-Alarm system in switzerland. As i tested there, everything worked fine.

But, i didnt bought this system for my home at switzerland. I bought it for my second home at Bosnia and Herzegowina. Fine!

Now, I tried to install the Ring Alarm but then I got the message “This system is not compatible to this region/country. There could be some errors or it will not work”.

I was looking now for a Ring-Alarm Basis Station for Bosnia but i could not find anyone.

I got now the question, could I still install this “switzerland” Ring-Alarm System in Bosnia or could I damage anything or the system wont work? What would happens? How can I be sure, that this still works in Bosnia even I got the message that this is not compatible to this region?

And WHAT is exactly not compatible? It works on Internet, i have electricity and i dont need the supported monitoring (ring protect plus) .

So can anybody help me.

EDIT: I see z-waves are available in switzerland and in bosnia as well: Z-Wave Global Regions - Silicon Labs
So i cannot see a technically difference

Thank you

Hi @user46788. At this time, the Ring Alarm system is not available for sale or use in Bosnia. Different countries have their own rules and regulations regarding the use of home security devices such as a personal alarm system. Additionally, not every region uses the same Z-wave frequency, so we do not recommend trying to use a Ring Alarm system from another country in Bosnia. We’re always looking to expand the availability of Ring devices for neighbors in different regions, and appreciate your feedback.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring
This is very unfavorable. I see that there is no “support” from the view of Ring at bosnia. But my question is: Would it still technically work and if NOT why?

For me is this very important because i spent alot of money for a whole system with alot of sensors. I transported it over 1000 kilometers and paid the VAT taxes for the whole system. And now, i cant do anything with this? I can just throw away?
I told that also the retailer that this system would be used in bosnia and he does not inform me about the problem. I just saw the problem now by installing it.

So i am asking about the technical possibility, if its still possible, then i would check if its LEGAL in bosnia to install it. I just want to know, if it still work

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring
I found that Bosnia and Switzerland are part of 45 members of CEPT ( Conférence Européenne des Administrations des Postes et des Télécommunications). This means switzerland and bosnia using same z-wave frequencies and has the same standard.

Maybe Ring cannot recomment the system for bosnia cause of legal reasons but thats another thing. For me its the question, would it technically work? And did u planned to create a system for bosnia?

@user46788 We do not advise buying Ring devices in one country and attempting to use them in another. Since the Ring Alarm was not designed for use in your country, we cannot guarantee it will work. It would likely be best to contact the original retailer to inquire about a return of your system. We don’t have information on when or if Ring devices will be available in Bosnia or other regions.