Ring Alarm motion sensors with hue lights


At night I would like to have the ring alarm motion sensors and indoor cams detect movement and switch on my hue lights in corresponding areas using the IFTTT app.

I have installed multiple sensors in the house so when the upstairs sensor detects movement at night it will switch on the upper hallway lights and bathroom lights. When the stairwell sensor detects movement it will switch on the downstairs lights and kitchen lights.

ive seen the IFTTT app for ring doorbell and hue or Sonos etc but nothing for the ring alarm motion sensors.

Thank you for the consideration.




I found a way of doing this with Alexa.

I set up a routine in the Alexa app when motion is detected on certain motion detectors it will activate certain lights in the house. Once you create this routine you then need to create another routine to switch off the lights. I have set the routines to be timed from about 1900hrs to 0500hrs and lights will switch off after 5 mins of no activity.

works well at the moment.


IFTTT has an option to flash a HUE light for 5seconds when a RING cam dectects motion. I have it setup on my driveway cam so if someone pulls in my light will flash. Just link IFTTT to your ring account and you’ll find the trigger. I would rather like to see RING and HUE partner up and have this intergration right in the RING eco-system but, for now that’s what IFTTT is for!

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Hi Mr Icesingh, I want to thank you for the information on how to make my ring doorbell motion detector turn on my Hue porch lights. It was a great help to me, Many thanks, James

Hello, how did you achieve it with Alexa routines?