Ring Alarm Motion Detector COMPLETE shut off

Allow the Ring Alarm Motion Detector to be COMPLETELY turned off when in Disarmed Mode. By this I mean “Shut Down” - so that they no longer even try to detect motion at all, (and thus save battery use and needless History entries).

Also - My wife doesn’t like the idea of being monitored in her own den/living room 24/7 - even when the Alarm System is “Disarmed”.

I know that the Motion Detectors can be set to be “ignored” in the Away and Home Modes - but see no way that in the Disarmed Mode they can be “Shut Down”.

And yes, I also know that they will not report, notify, et al ==> but again - if, in the APP - you go to HISTORY ==> ALARM - Motion events are still being captured even in the Disabled Mode. This is utilizing battery - and is annoying when reviewing events.

I like the Away, and Home Modes, and can certainly see this event history being beneficial in these modes (even if Motion events are “ignored” - but firmly believe that Disarmed should really be disarmed.