Ring alarm locked up

I’m in UK and have the 2nd gen alarm. Today got a notification that the alarm was offline. Other devices in my house were fine, internet working etc.

When I got home the WiFi symbol in the base station was off, the power (lightning) symbol was amber/orange, had a blue ring stay on top.

Unplugged it, nothing, no response from the base station or via the app. So I unplugged it, and removed the backup battery. Waited a minute, plugged battery back in, plugged it back in, it came back to life and now says online.

I subscribe so have the full ring back 3G/4G backup for internet loss anyway.

So it looks like it’s had a crash as such and nothing would make it come back to life. No remote reboot option or anything.

What I’m worried about is what happens if this occurs when I’m on holiday, is this common?

It’s only 3 months old, obviously everything connected to it is then dumb, so no protection.

I subscribed because the internet can go down, so the backup 4G is a good idea.

Anyone had this issue? Should I report to Ring? Is there any logs to get to see what’s happened?

Hi @L1111. I am glad you were able to get your Ring Alarm back online. I would suggest reaching out to our support team and requesting to work with our Ring Alarm team to double check your Base Station to make sure all is well. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.