Ring alarm + IFTTT integration, mode change trigger for IFTTT

I would like ifttt integration with wing alarm.

I dont want to control the alarm .
But like .
If ring alarm armed then enable wyze cameras.

If ring alarm disarmed then disable wyze cameras .

If ring alarm armed at home then turn on lamp .

Please enable ifttt integration.


Have you tried using Alexa routines?

It would be great if individual camera status (eg armed, disabled, lost connection) as well as current mode of the overall ring system (disabled, home, away) was available via the API so it can be consumed by Alexa, IFTTT, Home Assistant etc.

I know others have mentioned this throughout other segments of the forum, but Ring, please look into a full integration with IFTTT. I’d love to be able to have my smart lighting all flash like a strobe if my alarm goes off, or have the capability to rig up an outdoor siren since Ring doesn’t produce one for the US market any longer. The Ring (non-alarm) integration is great, but with such an advanced alarm system, I wish alarm subscribers had more options to integrate their existing smart home items with the Ring system, even if at only the most basic level!

Can you please add more functionality to IFTTT. It would be great to have a trigger for setting the modes: Disarmed, Home, Away

Yes, this would be a very useful feature. My neighborhood, like many others are seeing an uptick in vehicle thefts from people’s driveways. I would like to work with our local police department to develop a tool for them to be alerted upon the arrival of these criminals. It might give them the few minutes needed for the officers to arrive while suspects are still on the property. This feature would be critical in integrating with this tool to prevent false flags.

Thank you.


We recently had a neighborhood safety meeting with some local police officials to discuss the rampant problems and several possible solutions were discussed. This was one of them, which they seemed very open to trying and working with me to implement. They encouraged being contacted over suspicious activities and agreed this such an automated system could give them a necessary lead advantage to respond while the suspects are still on the premises. Obviously before deploying, the system should be sufficiently tested to eliminate false flags. One concern was that often animals often trigger these cameras, so I’m using tools that use AI to identify whether the object is a person, vehicle, animal or other (tree, insect, leaves, etc). This is a proof of concept for now but could help communities feel safer in their homes.

IFTTT is a great tool for creating “no code” home automation.

I think there would be a HUGE use case for having Mode-Change as a trigger for IFTTT Applets.

  • Use cases as shown below could include better security, energy savings, and many more.

Example Use Cases:
IF Ring-Mode changed to [Disarmed/Home/Away], THEN [Activate/Deactivate] device [ Outdoor Lights / Radiators Blink-cameras / Away-mode Light Randomizer Script / Stop Robot Vacuum Moving… ]

Segmentation: As part of the Eco-system, there may be concerns from a business strategy, that using IFTTT would enable users to cross-market segments on video-camera systems (e.g. mixing Ring with Blink). As a customer, I do not think this is the case as staying within the Ring Eco-system provides better functionality than the price-difference (e.g. triggering an alarm due to video, or viewing video from one central App).

Eco: There are already a number of solutions to save energy when the home is vacant. However, there are too many means to trigger them. Remembering to turn on the home-alarm system is generally more of a priority and hence a sound starting point for vacant home energy savings.

Improved Security: Enabling lighting (or lighting patterns) is one example of increasing the security of the home. Whether it is improving Ring Camera visibility, acting as a deterrent to opportunists, or simulating a non-vacant home. Again as above, it would make sense to have this triggered by Disarmed/Armed. Furthermore, homes have triggered automation (e.g. robotic vacuums, pet management, …) that could be better managed to reduce the likelihood of a false alarm.

As a product manager myself, I love the bridge between cool tech and users. I am not so concerned if Ring believes this suggestion to be valid or prioritized in any way. But I always like to hear how other Product Managers see input from their perspective. So if you have a moment from your busy schedules, then I would love to hear back!