Ring Alarm: Guest/User Scheduling

I would like to suggest adding a calendar date to the ring alarm shared and guest user scheduling feature. It would be helpful to add a start date and end date for each user, not just a repeating day of the week.

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I completely agree. I replaced a Schlage Encode lock with a new Kwikset 914 so that the lock would be integrated with the alarm and control panel and make management easier. The Schlage lock had the ability to schedule by date and time and it looks like the kwikset 914 lock supports this feature too. However, the control panel / Ring Alarm does not. This is a critical piece of functionality when managing a vacation property. Ugh… so upset this feature doesn’t exist w/ Ring. I might go back to the old smart lock as a result.

Please, please Ring implement this. Your alarm product has been exceptional up to this point.