Ring Alarm Feature Update 11/6/19

Hello Alarm neighbors, we have an exciting new feature available for you this month! It’s our goal to always keep you up to date with what we’ve added to your system. See the details below and please reply to this post with any questions you may have.

Guest User Arm and Disarm Alarm Scheduling

Have you ever wished that you could give your dog walker or visitor unique Ring Alarm permissions? We did too, so we added the Guest User Scheduling feature for Ring Alarm! You can now set a recurring weekly schedule to determine when a Guest User has permission to arm and disarm your Ring Alarm. This feature offers the ability to customize a single day and time or multiple days and times each week when access is granted.

If a scheduled Guest User attempts to arm or disarm outside the schedule, your Ring Alarm will not disarm or arm, and the Owner and Shared Users will get a push notification to alert them of the failed attempt. For example, now I can add a schedule for every Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2 pm when my cat sitter comes to feed Oliver. If Sheila were to try and disarm or arm outside of this window, we will both receive a notification that she was denied entrance.

How to Set Up a Guest Schedule

  • Existing Guest User
    • Edit the user’s profile and add a schedule.


  • New Guest User

    • You can easily add a schedule while inviting a new guest.

Check out this Ring Help Center article for detailed steps on adding a Guest User Schedule.

Note: Schedules for Guest Users only apply to arming and disarming from the Alarm Keypad currently. Schedules do not apply to Smart Locks at this time. This means that a Guest User may be able to lock or unlock your Smart Lock but not arm or disarm the Alarm system from the Keypad if they enter or exit your property outside of the schedule you’ve set. In this case, the Owner and Shared Users will receive an alert that the Guest User attempted access outside of their schedule so you can take action accordingly.

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