Ring Alarm Entry/Exit Delay Sound Options

The current Entry/Exit delay sound is too bass/mid-tone reliant. Even at the highest volumes, we have trouble hearing it (with a keypad 3 feet away) when we’re walking into the house…especially with a loud kid.

It would be great if there were sound options (like you have with the chirps) for the entry/exit delay tone. I’d even prefer hearing the Navi chirp on repeat for entry/exit delay since it is so distinct sounding. Just anything with a bit of treble in it to attract attention.


We have moved over from SimpliSafe and couldn’t agree more. I think this is our biggest gripe so far with the systems. We need more tone options for entry/exit. The default options suck, to be honest.

Agreed and endorsed - this is precisely the same thing I’m reporting and asking for help solving here: