Ring alarm camera motion notification toggle in Modes

Hi. I recently bought the Ring Alarm system, hoping to use the modes (disarmed, home, away) to control the notifications I receive from my external cameras. For example, when Away I want to get notified of motion in my garden, but when the system is Disarmed, I want to still record motion in the garden, but just not get notified.

However, the modes feature only allows me to control the cameras’ motion detection (not motion notification). Therefore, I would have to accept turning off all motion recordings and live video functions in order to prevent any notifications while disarmed.

Please could you tell me if there is a way of currently achieving this? If not, could this be added as a new feature? After all, you can select motion detection and motion notification as different options everywhere else, why not also in Modes?

Many thanks!

I second this. I absolutely NEED this feature!

I have been asking for this for months @Marley_Ring this is yet another request for the feature I have been asking for.

I’ve ended up using motion scheduling, but it’s not the same and needs to be done for each camera. Using the home and away options would be 100 times better in the same way you can stop recordings but instead stop notifications

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Yes also need this feature.