Ring Alarm and Alexa in French - Routine

Hello everyone. I’m using Alexa in French. Ring Alarm is sold as being Alexa compatible. But I can’t find a way to arm or disarm the alarm in an Alexa routine. “Ring Alarm” is shown as not available at this time. How can I fix this?

However, I can control RIng Alarm with voice command. So the problem seems to be with routine.

Hi @blueliner31. Is this routine activated when the Ring Alarm is in a specific Mode? Try using the Routine when the Ring Alarm is set to Disarmed, Home and Away to see if that makes a difference. Also, it may be helpful to share a screenshot of the Routine that you are trying to create. This will help the Community identify anything that could be problematic. You can also check out this Community Post here that has some great information on Routines.