Ring affiliated with SPLC?

Is it true Ring is affiliated with infamous SPLC?

I don’t want SPLC having access to my Ring doorbell video as they are not trusted by FBI or Washington Post or a Twitter I hear.

Can I return Ring equipment for refund?

Hi neighbor! While public safety agencies may submit a video request through Neighbors, users can ignore the request and also change their privacy settings to avoid receiving future requests. Public safety cannot see which users, if any, receive a request unless the user chooses to share video in response.

The video request feature was designed to protect your privacy, and that includes ensuring that your decision not to share videos or to opt-out of receiving future requests stays private. Please check out our help center article about video requests for more information.

As we value your security and privacy, your Ring app features a control center where you can control numerous account settings, including privacy settings such as opting out of video requests. When logged in to the Ring app, open the main menu and select control center. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: