ring access controller pro with garage door

would it be possible to use the ring access controller pro with a garage door assuming the door opener works by simply bridging two pins?

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Hello Doby,

GREAT IDEA!!! This feature is not available yet. It would be nice. You can add this as a feature request. Email help@ring.com

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Ring Pro 2 wired door Bell

Ring Alarm with accessories

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5 more Flood light cams

Adding (No door bell at the Rear door) Rear Ring Pro Door bell or Elite Door Bell

Ring Lights for the garden and Door steps

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Ethernet on Floodlight cams

4K color video quality

Ring Onsite hard drive backup 4-6TB to allow 4-6 months of Continuous recording.(also for redundancy purposes if in case the website is not reachable or you need a continuous feed)

Ring for Business( this would be incredible!)( Next replacements(overnight priority)Premier Phone support services. Custom designers for business security for building layouts and more)

Ring thermostats with features: Humidity, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, filter replacements and maybe maintenance notifications for the HVAC Systems.

Roku, Apple TV apps that pop up notifications while watching something and also Picture in Picture as soon as there is motion.

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How could it not work for a garage door opener? What are the relay contacts for?

I haven’t been able to find any real manuals for this, and I don’t want to purchase one through the buisness for “R and D” purposes.