Ring Access Controller Pro Alexa Integration

I installed my Ring Access Controller Pro over the weekend and was shocked that it doesn’t have the ability to respond to Alexa commands. There is no way to add this device to my Alexa app and send commands. I would love to say “Alex Open Front Gate”. This should be added to the feature of the device.

I wish i had read this post before I bought it. Thats is extremely annoying.

yep, honestly thinking about ripping out and returning it. i am so dissatisfied with this product after install… let me list a few annoyances:

my setup: ring access controller pro, ring door bell, electronic striker on gate set to relay port C on the access controller pro.

  1. no apple watch capability. so, if i go to walk my dog i am required to take my phone with me to open the gate to my home… rather than letting me simply press a button on my apple watch. just incredibly poor development design here.

  2. amazon echo show 10… literally the newest, most expensive echo… owned by the same damn parent company. you can answer the ring doorbell on your echo show, but you cannot use the access controller pro to open an electric strike on the gate through that system… you are required to open the ring app on your phone to do so. that is literally balls awful, terrible design.

  3. no browser integration / api to make this manually possible. no homekit integration, no alexa voice integration.

  4. probably the most brain dead thing on the list… if you’re going to design a product with the above limitations… why on earth ring did you not sell a $49.99 stand alone unit that would just ‘buzz’ people through. design a button that sends a wireless signal to deliver DC / AC power to trigger the relay… this is a very simple solution, and ill now have to go build it myself.

in general i STRONGLY advise against buying into the ring ecosystem for an access control product if this is how they’re going to go to market. it lacks any basic integration, lacks basic ecosystem skills, lacks basic vertical integration functionality.

oh, here’s a bonus one: i shared user access to my girlfriend, we live together, and because she is a shared ring user she doesn’t even have the same (in ring app) functionality. for me when i go to answer the door there is an unlock function WITHIN the live preview/viewing… for her, she must back out of the live viewing and click a separate widget to unlock the gate.

the absolute only reason to have this product is if you receive a metric ton of amazon deliveries, and use the key service for 90% of those. otherwise, get a different access control setup.

brought to you by one cranky customer.

I totally agree.

At the very least support HomeKit or iOS shortcuts.

By the time I load up the dam app to open the gate the person is gone.

It’s a terrible product in its current iteration. Even Amazon key is never used by delivery agents