Ring Access Controller Pro 2 Cell vs. Ethernet Connection?

I just installed a new gate, am thinking about using the Access Controller 2, and had 2 questions.

  1. The datasheet says there is cellular connectivity via an esim. Is the cellular service included and it not, what is the procedure/cost to activate the service?

  2. Do I still need cell service if I can get ethernet to the unit, and is there an advantage to using a direct connection (is it faster)?

Thanks for your help on this.

Hi @wanderweger. The Ring Access Controller Pro 2 includes the cellular or ethernet connectivity options. There is no additional cost for the cellular connection, and it is your choice to use either connection based on which one works better for you. There is no particular advantage to either connection type, as you should use the one that provides a good connection and works based on your home setup. The Access Controller Pro 2 has both of these connection capabilities for the added convenience.