Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb goes offline immediately after installation

Hello community. I just purchased 3 Ring A19 Smart LED Bulbs and I am having a heck of a difficult time to get them to work. I have Ring bridge and Echo 10.

No matter what I try (resetting everything as per instructions, deleting app, etc etc)… The bulbs go to offline mode a second after I get a success message during installation.

I go as far as getting a note from Alexa telling me to try turning the bulb off… and then… NADA! Bulb is offline in both Ring app and Alexa app.

How many hours does it take to change a Ring light bulb? Apparently, many, many days, as I’ve been struggling with this for way too long now…

I have smart light bulbs from another brand and the installation was quick and easy and it never failed on me.

Any tips on how to fix this before I return everything to Amazon would be greatly appreciated.



Which generation is your Echo Show 10? 3rd generation and later can act as a Ring bridge, so I wonder if there’s an issue with having both the Echo Show and the Ring Bridge active. Have you tried unplugging the Echo Show, then doing the setup to see if it works correctly with only the Ring Bridge online?

I don’t have any Echo devices that also act as a bridge, so I’m not show how they interact with each other when both are active.