Ring 5UM3E5 Survey Tool

I received this product which is supposed to detect ring sidewalk access points but it did not come with any instructions. The QR code on the back installs the Ring app but the device is not listed.
I’d like to develop devices which can use the access points for data acquisition.
Does anybody have a clue on how to get this running?

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Same problem.
Found it comes up as a ring fetch under but can’t do anything with it.

Connected to device with charger USB. Only detects a charging device. (The device charger).

There is no fetch or other device that starts with 5

Can’t find anything to do with the DSN listed on it.

Hi neighbors. We do have a few Help Center articles that go over Amazon Sidewalk information. This article will go over the basics of what Amazon Sidewalk is. We also have this article that goes over compatible devices and this one here on how to turn it on and off. I hope this helps.

This device is a module that has a blue blinky light and what looks like a speaker hole. But otherwise is a grey oval device. Where is the interface for this device.
Ring control doesn’t see it.

My understanding is this test device isn’t tied to your Ring account and instead is linked to a Sidewalk test kit account.

From Amazon Sidewalk

I received a Test Kit, what do I do next?
… Your welcome email will contain (1) your username, which is the email you provided to us when you submitted your test kit