Ring 4G/LTE camera

Hey Ring,

I would love to see a LTE / 4G camera, with SD card for storage should cellular go out, similar to the reolink go camera. I have a situation where I have no power available, and would love to have a ring camera with solar panel there. Unfortunately, I think ill have to purchase the reolink camera for this situation unless ring plans to come up with something in the near future.



This would be a great idea.

I would love to see a Ring LTE camera that would work with all networks. Right now we have an arlo on verizon for our gate and all the other cameras are ring up at the house. We don’t get wifi down at the gate and need LTE camera. As I said we have an arlo for Verizon but if I had a ring that could work on tmobile or LTE through ring I would replace our arlo in a heartbeat.