Ring 4 and Quick Replies

Your web page says:
“Video Doorbell 4 - Our upgraded doorbell camera with improved video previews that works on any home. Video Doorbell 4 features enhanced wifi, a quick-release battery for easy recharging, and Quick Replies when you’re busy.”
I installed Ring 4 last weekend (10/3) and was told tonight (10/9) by phone support that Quick Replies does not work on the 4. Why would your latest model not include this feature and why do you advertise that it does? Since your support person was as confused as I was, we both must be missing something. Advice? Thanks.

Thank you for this feedback, @rpratten! You’ll be happy to know that the Video Doorbell 4 does indeed include Quick Replies.

Here is our Help Center article for Quick Replies listing our compatible models. Of course, you’ve seen this on our product page, as you shared above. Here is also our Community post which lists eligible regions.

You should be seeing this option in your Ring app. Follow the steps and tips in the above linked article to enable and use Quick Replies. Feel free to confirm if you are seeing this feature in your Ring app. :slight_smile:

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Marley_Ring: Thanks for your quick response. I discovered the problem - when installing Ring 4, it asked if I wanted to connect to Alexa, which I did. I was unaware of the Alexa features with Ring and figured I would read about them later. That connection to Alexa disabled Quick Replies from my app. and made it seem like it was not working. I disconnected Alexa and now Quick Replies works as anticipated. HOWEVER, how do I retrieve messages left by the person? I tested it and found nothing in History or Notifications of a message. Thanks.

Hi @rpratten. Do you have an active Ring Protect plan subscription in place? This is required in order to view previously recorded events in your Event History in the Ring App. It’s also important to note that the Ring protect plan must be in place when the event you’re trying to view occurred.

Caitlyn_Ring - The 30-day free trial is active plus I subscribed and paid for an additional year. I believe my one year subscription begins around Nov. 2. Is it possible the recorded messages via Quick Replies are not available during the trial period? Thanks.

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@rpratten It shouldn’t make a difference if you are on the trial period as you are still able to view previously recorded events. You’ve thoroughly checked the Event History in the Ring App to ensure they’re not showing up? If so, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can take a closer look and figure out what may be going on with your account. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.