Ring 3

This afternoon my wife left the house and came back half hour later but I received no notification. I went outside and pressed the doorbell and still no alert on my phone. I checked the health status and all is good. I tried and 5 minutes later, pressed the doorbell and still nothing. There is definitely a WiFi connection, I can check live view. Help please!

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Hi Johnny,

Did you get it to work as I have the same issue my end

Nothing yet. I see there is a delay in the system but it shouldn’t effect notifications.

Hey neighbours. We apologise for the inconvenience. Our processing infrastructure is running behind which is causing delays – we are working to resolve it ASAP. No data has been lost and the system should be caught up shortly. Be sure to check for updates here.


Thank you for the update will see what’s it’s like tomorrow

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I am having a problem with my ring 3 notifying me when someone rings my door bell. When I am away from the house I get no notification that any one has come to the door let alone rung the bell. I am feeling that this was a very expensive door bell.

Hello @AnnaD , @JohnnyFP , and @James040812 ,

Some people are still having lingering issues from the September 30th Ring “outage” and some devices aren’t acting the way they should.



And then, if using the procedures that helped others with their devices that are still affected by the September fixes to the Ring servers and this all doesn’t correct your issue, I would telephone Ring Support for help:


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:


I hope this information is helpful :slight_smile:

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