Ring 2nd Generation Wireless Doorbell Alexa False Announcements


I initially had no problems with my 2nd Generation Wireless doorbell that I had connected to my Alexa network which includes an Echo Show 5 and Echo Dot. I initially had no problems and had set up a routine for the Show to display when there was motion or the doorbell was pressed, the integration is not brilliant but it did the job, great.

Then overnight a few week ago the show started announcing motion at the front door (but not executing the routine) when there was nothing there. There aren’t even any motion alerts within the Ring app.

I reset the doorbell and went through start up again and did the same for the Show then I was woken up at 6am the following day by the Dot announcing motion at the front door. I’ve done the same for the Dot but it continued every minute or so. I’ve disabled the Ring skill but it continued. I deleted the doorbell from the Alexa app but it has continued.


Thanks in advance.

Hi @Sulley. If you have removed the Ring Skill and Doorbell from your Alexa app but your Echo devices are still announcing motion detections, the next best step would be to reach out to Alexa support for further assistance.