Ring 2nd generation doorbell not chiming inside my house tranformer

Hi there, my new door bell is all working fine apart from inside my house where the chime is not sounding from my transformer. Please see pics attached

Hi @Daviemc. I appreciate you taking the time to attach those photos of your Doorbell and chime kit! After taking a look, it does appear that the chime kit you have (DETA C3501) is on our list of incompatible chime kits for the Doorbell 2, which you can see listed here. This would be why the chime kit is not ringing inside, as it is not compatible. Feel free to review the listed compatible chime kits in that article if you were interested in swapping yours out.

Daviemc can you post pictures of your wiring set up…? Struggling to get my system up and running


Hi @Yogi2876. This YouTube video here has some great information on how to hardwire your Ring Video Doorbell. I hope this helps.