Ring 24/7 recording

I changed my security system to ring because I thought the two way talk was an awesome feature. I did not know when I switched that it didn’t offer 24/7 recording. I really miss that with my previous security system and I don’t understand why ring does not do this. Yes, motion detection is nice but it would be nice on top of 24/7 recording and play back of any moment, not just motion detection. I would like to keep this but I will have to switch back in order to have the 24/7 recording options.

I wish you could add 24/7 recording like all other security systems on the market right now.


i second the wish for 24/7 recording. It helps with the possibility my camera doesnt pick up motion, but maybe it catches something at a neighbors house. the 24/7 ability will make ring just that much better. I consider the lack of 24/7 recording a majot feature loss for Ring


Yes, this feature is sorely needed by Ring. Between 2 residences, I have a total of 10 Ring cameras. At this point, I am too far in to switch to the Nest Platform but the lack of 24/7 recording is something that would prevent me from going with Ring if I was getting started now. My neighbors with Nest cameras have been able to capture recent criminal activities int he neighborhood that my cameras have missed out on due to the lack of this feature.

Please follow through with this feature that was originally promised in 2018-19

I might be switching because my cameras miss too much activity on my street. I am in a nice area but I have a walk through from a Main Street and constantly have different people walking through. My daughters friends bike was stolen after being outside my house for 10 mins. Camera didn’t catch anything. My dash hound/beagle mix caught a bird and killed it and only caught on camera after he already had the bird and walked in front of camera. Definitely did my research on cameras before I made my purchase and was told 24/7 recording would be implemented. Almost a year later and nothing yet. Very frustrating and feel it’s a waste of money at this point.

I agree. I wish that they would add this. My neighbor’s car got broken into and my wired camera was in direct view. But that wasn’t in my motion zone, if it recorded 24/7 I would have the footage. Really hope they add this!