Ring 2 transformer

Ok so my current transformer is 16v 10va and can go up to 20v 24va my question is which one is better, and is the transformer supposed to be warm, also the battery continues to drain, I thought it helps to keep a charge if I hardwire the app shows the charging symbol but the battery continues to drain

Good question @Rdavis199! The 16v 10va rating is just fine for supplying a trickle charge to your Video Doorbell 2. As for the temperature, the flow of voltage will often generate a small amount of heat in a device or power source. That being said, I recommend checking the wiring for any corrosion, old age, gauge (thickness), or fraying/ splicing. Non-uniformed wiring can certainly cause resistance in voltage which will effect your charging experience.

Once your wiring is confirmed as sufficient for power, monitor the battery levels to ensure it is receiving a charge. Please keep in mind, variables like cold temperatures or too many motion events may use the battery quicker than the charge can be applied, thus rendering the charge unnoticeable. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: