Ring 2 solar panel not charging

I recently 10/2020 purchased the solar panel for my ring 2, waited a week in order to give it time to charge and do its thing, but after a week, the app still shows that the solar charging is not active, I did a factory reset on the ring 2 doorbell hoping that maybe that would fix the issue but still nothing, contacted customer support…their answer was…" looks like something internal with your doorbell is not working, oh and BTW. You are out of warranty, would you like to buy a new doorbell?
What a joke, obviously something is defective in the ring 2 doorbell that prevents it from receiving charge from the solar panel, the capacitor must be defective, an item that I couldn’t have known if it was defective or not when I originally purchased the doorbell until the solar panel was connected to it an now they want me to spend more money with ring? And on top of that they expect me to pay for shipping costs in order to return the solar panel that I cant use with the defective product that I own from them.
Worse customer service experience and customer satisfaction response.
I guess they never heard of goodwill towards their customers and no regards for customer loyalty or retention.
Aside from the capacitor being defective the doorbell has no other issues, has never been dropped or damaged in any way.