Ring 2 solar charger not charging

Mine is not working either.

I had to purchase a second solar panel even though the one that quit working was less than 6 months old. The hassle of returning something to Ring for replacement just wasn;t worth my time and effort. Very poor customer service !!!

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I am on my second charger and the Ring continues to drain the battery over time. I did read that there is no way of knowing whether it is charging thought through the app.

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I wanted to post an update after my original post several weeks ago…

My original ring had the battery drained so many times before I purchased my solar charger. It would not hold any charge at all after charging all night and hooking up to the solar charger.

Purchased a new ring doorbell, charged overnight and hooked up to the solar charger. It has been several weeks, maybe just over a month, and I’ve not had to re-charge it once. Checked the battery today and it’s been holding at 79% for quite awhile. It will sometimed drop below 79% a bit, but on a clear day if the solar charger is clean (no pollen covering the cells) it will charge back up above 80%. I live in south florida so I have to wipe all the pollen off of the cells every week! But it’s working for us.

Hope this update helps.


The solar charger does not work on the Video doorbell 2. It only works on the original doorbell.

Same issue, one week drop 25-28% of battery, ring is my first and last, nest much better

Same as everyone elses. Charger in direct, unobstructed sun all day until sunset. Does not work at all after a couple of months. In fact, it is draining the battery which indicates Ring is aware of a defective accessory.

I have the same issue. Ring Solar charger is a dud.

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I bought an extra battery because the Ring2 barely holds its charge. And I’m swapping out the batteries every other week or so. I spent 2 hours on the phone with the company and nobody seems to know how to fix the issue.

My solar solar charger, attached to the ORIGINAL doorbell, doesn’t work either…so much for the quality of their solar scam.

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Bought Ring 2 video doorbell and a spare battery. Then bought and install Ring 2 solar charger to extend battery life and reduce battery swap . Turns out the solar charger won’t charge at all, my Ring 2 battery keep on depleting as usual - or even quicker. The feature in the app that should’ve been linked to the solar panel is also not working, so can’t monitor the real performance of the solar panel.

Really dissapointed by this product. With the price I paid I could’ve bought two replacement batteries instead.

Recommend Ring to pull the product off the market until the issue resolved, to avoid more dissatisfied customers.


I have the exactly the same problem. Have you managed to find a solution

Can you please post a photo of how your Solar Panel is set up, neighbors? This includes a bigger pictur eof the front door so we can determing how much direct sunlight the Solar Panel receives during the day. Thanks.

My solar charger also does not work. In full sun for most of the day but battery keeps dropping.

Going to return as “defective”.

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I spoke to help desk. Make sure it’s fully pushed in and re install the camera. On 3rd occasion it started to work!

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Installation is key, @Matt2 ! Would better instructions / pictures help with that? If so, we can take this feedback and deliver it to the team to see what we can do. Thanks!

Does it now show up in the app?

Are you kidding at this point?? There’s 4 full pages of people with the same complaint and you think it’s all of us? We ALL have the solar charger in a bad spot? C’mon. I’ll be returning mine ASAP. What a horrible product.

Like EVERYONE else here, my brand new solar charger doesn’t work. What an absolute scam. I wish I’d read all of these reviews before spending $100. I’ll be returning mine ASAP.

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Hey @imnotreallyscott. Since your device is not registering that the solar panel is connected and it says it’s going off of battery, could you please reach out to our support team here to take a deeper look into this please?