Ring 2 battery op. Doorbell, under 3 years old, has stopped working completely?

My ring 2 doorbell stopped working a couple of weeks ago just after I changed the battery (official ring battery). No connection and not recognised. Tried all fault finding advice, still doesn’t work and the main body behind the camera is heating up excessively. The heat is generating around the PCB area behind the camera, so I know it’s not the battery. Need contact with ring to obtain replacement and communication with the company isn’t great within the UK. Spent too much money on various ring items to link together and not very happy that this unit hasn’t lasted very long. Any help getting this sorted would be much appreciated.

This sounds like moisture ingress or water, draining the battery. What happened when the battery was changed? and what state was the removed battery in (did it charge) etc. I would give Ring a call, I’m still installing my system but never had an issue contacting them for help before I purchased any product (advice and information) and asking for information etc whilst I have been installing their camera’s and now the alarm system. You can use either a landline or freephone number.

Hi Griz, thanks for the reply, definitely not water egress, the item has always been placed in an area under cover from the elements and after trying all the various fault finding tips that didn’t work, I took it off to leave it (inside). In the hope it may complete a hard reset, which would have given it plenty of time to dry out. But thanks for the idea. I’ve tried calling ring several times and nothing.

Hi @Steve7460. In this case, I would suggest contacting out support team. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.