Ring 1 solar charger not working and status nonexistent

Just purchased two solar chargers for ring 1 doorbells. They’re both in absolute direct sunlight, the status won’t even show. Just says still powered by battery and also says “add solar charger blah blah” battery went from 100% to 70% in 3 days while plugged into the solar chargers. The doorbells are also showing a complete blue ring so you’d think that means 100%? Is this a bug within the app and or the chargers ? Could they be at 100 but showing much less in the apps for some weird reason? These products are garbage. Disappointed, money wasted.

I came on the web cite this evening with the same dilemma. I have had two solar chargers now from ring and neither of them work. When the little automated chat screen popped up I asked questions about it and never got the correct answer. I finally did get an answer and was told that the solar charger is not compatible with the ring capital r doorbells. I will be contacting the company for a shipping label and a full refund the cost of the charger and the sales tax.

I hope this helps!


I have talked to numerous customer service reps and they will not do anything about it. They always tell me it is working properly but that’s only when my camera is fully charged from outlet charge. It dies on the solar charger. I have a flood light camera with the solar charger and I have never charged it on the outlet. Ring is no help at all