Ridiculously short recording time length

There is a thread I your forum about the ridiculously short length of time that your cams will record starting in 2018 & NOTHING has been done about it! It’s even been marked as resolved! How can it be resolved when you’ve actually done nothing to address your customers confining complaints about this issue?! I’ll be taking mine back, cancelling my subscription & getting a real surveillance system that will record for the ENTIRE duration of the event…NOT just 30 seconds of it! This is a very easily fixable problem, yet you’ve refused to listen to your customers/subscribers complaints & ACTUALLY fixed the issue! I will definitely make everyone I can reach in person, on social media, news outlets, etc., to find a better product! What a shame…for me, your other customers & your company!

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My Stick-up Cams Plug-In 2nd Generation, all mounted outside, before were all recording motion-activations for 30 seconds, but now I’ve recently noticed that they all record for a maximum of 20 seconds! Has anyone else noticed this or is this just happening to my Stick-Up cams? Even with “People Only Mode” motion detection toggled ON or OFF, the maximum motion-activated recording is now only 20 seconds. What’s going on?