Ridiculous Returns Process - Complaint

So I’ve just spent an incredibly frustrating hour or so on the phone trying to get a returns label for an alarm system that I ordered in error directly from Ring. I had to open the package; open the box; locate the MAC address (there are actually two); tell the agent the MAC addresses; then take a photo of the MAC address as it couldn’t be identified on the system; send this to an email address (that didn’t exist); resend the photo. Much of the problem seemed to be caused by my system never having been used. In summary the worst returns process I have ever experienced and I will go out of my way to avoid buying Ring products in future… Why can’t Ring generate a returns label from my order number?

Unfortunately, with low paid tech support (aka “script readers”) sometimes you have to call multiple times until you get someone who can help you.
We are mostly just fellow users here and have no access to order/account info.