RF jamming

What is Ring doing to protect against RF jamming?

Good question @kk1! We are passionate about our neighbor’s security and are always working to put you at an advantage against crime. As many of our devices are wifi-enabled, it does require a wifi signal to operate. If you’re concerned about specialized burglars using wifi jammers, we recommend checking out our Stick Up Cam Elite with POE capabilities. :slight_smile:

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Jamming is not hard to do, but doing a wholesale " Jam Job" on a home takes more technical capability than you think. Most of us will never be visited by a robber with a jammer in thier pocket. Wifi Jammers are not hard to get, but the portable hand sized devices have very small power profiles. If you have a multi-tiered approach to your cameras, you sould see your visitor before they cause a given camera to go blind. Yes, powerful jammers do exist, but they are not as readily available and require more power then the as the ones a kid in the neighborhood or hobbyist jammer can afford. Go with hardwired PoE connectivity wherever possible.

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The basic selling point behind Ring, SimpliSafe, etc is the fact that it is "wireless ".

Most people will not be interested in hardwiring POE.

Hardwiring is what we are trying to get away from.

So, instead of suggesting POE, make the Ring components jam proof - or, at least make it more difficult for someone to jam them.

Just my 2 cents.