we bought 4 of your cameras and 3 wall mount wedges. We did not need the wedges and are wondering if we could return them and how we would go about that?

if you could let me know what we need to do that would be great

Hi @jlaninga! As long as you’ve purchased this through, you can certainly return that item for a refund. Follow the process in our Returns help center article to do so. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m a customer from amazon I purchase a ring but was defective so I returned it so wen will I be able to replace it with a new one

I purchase with amazon prime

Amazon was my provider of purchase ring items so will it be a problem to reorder the new one

If you bought it within the return period at Amazon. They will replace it.

If it’s past that, then you need to call customer support for a warranty replacement.

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