Return Label

I have been suffering with COVID so have been forced to isolate for 10 days. Can someone please let me know how I can obtain a return postage label to return my ring doorbell? I ordered an extra one during the sale but this is not going to be suitable so will be keeping the one I have already installed.


Tahir Ahmed

Hello @Taz2020,

Sorry to hear that you caught the Covid virus. :grimacing:

To obtain a return postage label in order to return your Ring Doorbell, you will have to contact Ring Support at:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

When you initially call Ring Support, expect them to first email a “Two-Step” verification code, which you will have to read back to them while on the phone. This is to verify that you are really who you say you are, so have access to your email ready. They will also need the shipping information number for the Doorbell that you wish to return. Once that has been sorted, you can expect them to email a return label to you, for you to print and then attach. For additional “Return Policy” information and procedures:

I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile: