Return and Refund - why so difficult

Anyone managed to get hold of a return label, and then obtain a refund in accordance with their statutory rights?

Been waiting for a return label since 23 July 2020, which for somnme crazy reason doesn’t seen to be available online, and which Ring seem unable to e-mail me - despite managing to send marketing and other emails! After various differing explanations and 2 phone calls - no label.

Have been waiting in for a delivery driver to bring a label, which was supposed to be arranged for me - but yet another abject failure. It appears that Ring would rather make it difficult for customers to be able to exercise a simple right of ‘return and refund request’.

Not a great advert for the company, and does not engender any loyalty.


Hey @IF1. Are you still having this concern? If you’re still without a return label at this time, please let me know and I can help you out further with this and look into it for you.

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