Retrieving Video


I had the Protection Plus plan for my 2 ring door bells. I purchased 2 additional CAMS,

that were not added to my Protection plus plan. When i called for help they cancelled my 1st plan and added all 4 device to a new plan.

The Issue

I need the footage from my door bells and really need the footage from my CAMS, i am having a dispute with a contractor and this footage proofs my point.

Hey @truheyo. My apologizes if our support team may have not been clear on this, but once a plan is removed, cancelled, or there is a lapse in coverage, any previously stored videos will be removed and inaccessible. Since they cancelled your plan and then put all devices on the new plan, you will not be able to view and access video footage from before this support call. Please note that if you never had a plan established for the Cameras, even before this call, there is no way to retrieve the footage your device may have captured since there was not an active plan at the time to store the event footage.