Response From Ring Regarding Feature Request

Really like the option of feature request. However, a response from Ring would be nice! As I search request, many of which are great ideas, it seems to be a one way street. Some post (still active) go back several months with no feedback from Ring, just anxious customers. Some interaction would be nice!

I would rather see a Ring moderator participating in the Feature request board, and when someone suggests a new feature that has already been suggested before, move their post to that thread and close off the current post. Too many people start a new thread instead of searching first and it dilutes the votes.

I do give Ring a lot of credit though, I have seen several features that were heavily requested get added recently (like sounding the alarm on cameras.)

wow, I didn’t know that. Does ring has a better response to the feature request? I just made one and won’t want it to go missing.

Did anyone from Ring respond to this topic? will feel really sad/disappointed if not. Ring is so popular that’s why I bought ring video doorbell and join Ring family. Don’t let me down, Ring.

Hi there, neighbors! This is great feedback. @Laker, thank you for valuing our Feature Request board, and adding requests for our teams and other neighbors to see here. You’ll be happy to know that we read every Feature Request, and continuously share these requests with our teams here as they work to improve and add to our neighbors’ experience.

While we may not answer all requests, we do see them and share them, especially when they are gaining traction through multiple neighbors discussing. With that said, feel free to discuss, add details, or vote on other neighbors requests for reinforcement. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add requests of what you would like to see on the Feature Request board. We are always open to making the Community the best it can be for our neighbors. :slight_smile: