**RESOLVED** No live view or alerts through chime or Alexa all day

I have noticed all day today that I am unable to see live view on app. Also, when someone rings doorbell, it chimes on the doorbell itself, but does not alert through the Chime device we have set up to hear ithroughout the house, nor my Alexa devices anymore. I have had no issues before today.

I have already uninstalled, reinstalled the app, disconnected/reconnected to wifi, rebooted modem/router, and checked the settings on the app to ensure that the notifications/alerts are properly enabled (did the same in the Alexa app). Nothing has resolved this.

I believe there were new features enabled on the device today, might that be the cause? Is anyone else experiencing these issues. Anyone know how to fix? Thank you!

Husband causally mentions to our twins over breakfast this morning that he has unblocked them from the internet (he had done it as punishment for something or other they had done). Alarm bells instantly went off in my head. Hubby didn’t set up our home network hub, I did. Hubby knows nothing about blocking Mac Addresses from the router, I do.

I log in to check and sure enough he had blocked the Ring Mac Address. I asked him why he didn’t just block the twins’ Mac Addresses only. His reply, “I forgot what they are so I just blocked everything that I didn’t recognize”. I didn’t marry him for his intellect, lol! So, I’ve changed the log in credentials for the router :smiley:

Anyway, this has been resolved, it was total user error.

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