Request for “Vacation” Mode to the App

Request: Add a “Vacation” mode to the app along with the current modes of “Disarmed”, “Home”, and “Away”. This new mode should allow for users to input a date range of expected travel, such that police response time can be drastically reduced / immediate if an individual or family is on travel. This mode should allow the user to have pre-configured settings that are separate than the other modes if necessary. Potential to add a T/F statement slide bar that states, “Same as Away” to reduce burden on those that don’t need to adjust settings for pets when going on vacation. The App should still send the standard “away” command to the devices as to not indicate that a family or individual is actually “On Vacation” to a burglar or intruder.

Rationale: As someone that travels quite a bit and has a pet, I often have to reconfigure some of my settings before I leave for either personal or work related travel. Re-adjusting the settings can be quite tedious and things can often be missed that I normally wouldn’t have my “away” setting too when I have my dog in the house and I’m out getting dinner or at the store. To my knowledge there’s nothing in the current App that notifies a dispatch that someone is planned to be away from their home for an extended amount of time which can place an unnecessary delay in police response as the ring alarm is waiting for some sort of confirmation of accidental trip. This way, when the logic for the alarm is going off, if the alarm is set to vacation and within the expected travel dates, then that gives the instant notification to the local PD that an individual or family is clearly on travel away from their home and not able to respond to this issue any time soon requiring immediate response.