Request for package view faceplate update for Peephole Cam, possibly with door knocker

Well, this one’s a little unusual I guess. Can we get the Peephole Cam’s package view faceplate accessory updated so that the mirror is at the top instead of the bottom? With the current one, I have the barest glimpse of my doormat and none of the ground in front of the door across a hallway that’s probably 10 feet wide, or any of the space between that edge and the peephole, which is about 5 feet off the ground. It’s a pretty big gap to give up. I do, however have a stunning view of the ceiling, about 8 feet high out there.

Maybe if the mirror was moved to the top part of the camera, it would be a better use of the space, or at least an option for us to choose. Also, a door knocker would be a nice addition so it would fit in a little better since this place uses the polished brass door knocker style peepholes.